May 31, 2011

iPod Touch 2nd Generation Turned Mobile VoIP Phone

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The launch of iPod with all its multi-colored features turned out to be a hit in the music maniac lot. The device served as a smart communication tool having large entertainment value. With mobile VoIP being easily accessible with a Wi-Fi connection, the iTouch 2nd generation can be transformed into a VoIP mobile phone. A sequence of small steps can help you use VoIP phone service on your iTouch.


The first generation of iPod is not workable as a mobile VoIP phone. Therefore, to avail the VoIP phone service one needs to have an iTouch second generation version. Once having bought it, the mobile VoIP is there at your service.

The next accessory you need to have for converting your iTouch into a mobile VoIP phone is a microphone that is compatible with iPod touch. Such microphones are available in an economical range of prices in the market. For sake of convenience, one can always check for the rates of compatible versions on certain websites as Amazon. Commonly, the price ranges from 4, 99 $ to 34, 99 $. The key term “microphone iPod touch” will lead you to countless options of such microphones so that you can opt for the one that suits your requirements best. Having purchased the right microphone of your choice, you need to connect it with your second generation iPod touch.

Your iPod works a communication device wherever there is Wi-Fi connection. When you have an access to Wi-Fi, numeration applications can be searched for free by accessing iTunes app store. The best choice for your iPhone Voiping will be Axvoice mobile Voip application for added advantages over the other free Voip services.

Though it is very unlikely these days to imagine an iPod holder without any Google talk or Skype account, however, if you do not have one, you need to create one. Creating an account with either Google talk or Skype is a simple task. Having created an account, you can connect your account with your Axvoice mobile application by simply following the given instructions.

The established connection is your key to VoIP phone service. Your iPod is ready for you to make local or international VoIP calls anytime anywhere in the world by having an access to a Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi connection is the pre-requisite for an iPod to be serving as a mobile VoIP phone. However, with technological advancements and present age being the communication age, even if you do not have a Wi-Fi connection of your own, they are easy to be found in maximum public areas to be used by general public. Many public areas are offering free Wi-Fi connection as a tool to welcome more and more customers their way, Starbucks and McDonalds to name a few. A great number of iPhone and iPod touch users are tempted by the free Wi-Fi connection being offered at such public places to avail VoIP phone service.

Wi-Fi is all you need to begin making calls using your Axvoice friendly mobile VoIP application. Save money on calls and enjoy talking for hours!

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